One blog away from success

This piece will talk about the reasons why it’s essential that student journalists blog and the long term benefits.

Blogging can be a very useful mechanism for a student journalist as it allows them to interact with working journalists who blog in their spare time. This mechanism can open a lot of doors for a student journalist so that by the time they begin in the industry, the students have already built contacts and sources in the media world. Blogs have become a part of mainstream media, where many write opinion, news or gossip pieces. This means that if student journalists wanted to, they could compete with online media companies for general news, if they put enough effort in.

Blogs allow for the possibility of going viral or getting your big break if you know how to create traffic on social media. Blogs create possibility for bigger blog companies like Elephant Journal to employ you while studying so blogging can become another way of forming income. When applying for an internship or job, the blog can be used as a reference to the quality of your writing. Another pro is that many people are being hired in the media industry today, especially radio only because of their social media following.

Somizi and Khanyi Mbau radio show on Metro FM is a perfect example of the benefits of a social media following. Blogs also allow student journalists a platform to show off their well written assignments for different subjects. Blogging while you studying lets you write about whatever you like and its in this process that many journos find their niche.



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